Defibrillator Units – Chinnor

If a defib unit is required you do not need to know the exact location of the unit. You call 999 and the emergency services will direct you to the closest unit. Chinnor Community First Responders run regular training sessions as required, but the emergency services talk you through the entire process so don’t worry.

For information – please find below the location of the public accessible, 24 hours a day, defib units:

Wheatsheaf Public House, Oakley Road
Whites Field Community Hall, Mill Lane
Chinnor Community Pavilion, Station Road
Chinnor Village Centre, High Street

Defibrillator Unit at Whites Field Community Hall, Mill Lane

If you need to use the unit you must ring 999.
The ambulance service will direct you to the nearest unit, give you the access code to open the cupboard and then instruct you fully on usage instructions.

FAQ Defibrillators

Has one of the units be used yet?
Yes, the Whites Field defib unit was recently deployed and thankfully saved a life.

How do I know where the defibrillators are?
Don’t worry, the ambulance service control room knows where they are so you don’t need to memorise their locations. Ambulance control will ask you if you are on your own or if there are other people present. Follow their instructions, if you are on your own they will tell you to start CPR. If there is another person present and a defibrillator is indicated they will be directed to the nearest one and given the code to open the case. However, the decision to send you will be based on the fact that ambulance control will know your location, the location of the defibrillator and the location of the nearest responding resource such as a Community First Responder (who will have a defibrillator with them) an ambulance or rapid response vehicle. Depending on this information and the time and distances involved, ambulance control may suggest you wait for them to arrive.

How do I know how to work the defibrillator?
You don’t need to. Once you have open the defibrillator it will tell you exactly what to do (in a very loud voice which can be quite alarming). Just follow its instructions, remember one of you at the incident will still be on the phone to control who will stay with you and give advice and support until help arrives.

If the patient comes round do we still need the ambulance?

Yes the person will still need to go to hospital so keep on the phone to the ambulance service.

Suppose I make a mistake and hurt the patient?
You will not do any harm to the patient. If their heart has stopped and they are not breathing, it can only get better. It is totally the responsibility of the defibrillator to assess for, and deliver the shock to the patient. When the Community First Responder arrives they will ask what happened and assess the situation. The best plan is to follow their instructions as they have a set protocol to follow but your personal expertise and knowledge will be respected and welcomed.

The responder team in Chinnor provide defibrillator awareness updates on a regular basis but if your organisation or group would like a session we would be very pleased to help.

Contact the Chinnor First Responders through the Parish Council office.

Jo Wills
Chinnor Parish Council
Community Pavilion
Station Road
OX39 4PU

Tel: 01844 353267